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Carsington Sailability


DDWC Chosen charity for 2024

Carsington Sailing Trust is a registered charity whose aim is to provide and assist in the provision of water based activites at Carsington Sailing Club for people with disabilities and mental health conditions, in the interest of social welfare and with the object of improving the conditions of their lives.


What We Do

he Trust owns an exciting range of boats which are on loan to Carsington Sailability.  It also owns important safety equipment, buoyancy aids, hoist slings and launch and recovery equipment. The Trust is keen to ensure that we provide the best equipment that we can and is always seeking to maintain and upgrade existing boats and equipment. Like all safety equipment it has to be of the very highest standard and this requires significant regular expenditure which the Trust aims to fund. 

In addition to regular maintenance and upgrades, we aim to develop and extend opportunities available at Carsington.

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More about Sailability

Carsington Sailability's aim is to enable people with disabilities to try sailing and take part regularly. It is the perfect sport to feel tranquility and freedom in the water or progress your skills and become competitive.  

The Group has both disabled and able-bodied members working together to achieve this objective.

We have excellent facilities and equipment. There is a well-maintained fleet of sailing boats, specifically designed for those with limited mobility, including Hansa dinghies and an R S Venture Keel. 

The group meets on Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the year with the exception of January. Sailing outside the main season, i.e. November to April, does require the wearing of either wetsuits or drysuits.

Why not come along and give sailing a try? Here we are on the water. Having great fun and laughter. Helping others and learning all the time. It's almost our philosophy.

If assistance is required, it is advisable to contact the Club before attending.

Every year Sailability runs a variety of events, including dinghy racing and training sessions. 



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