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Carving is also one of the main woodworking disciplines of our woodcraft club.


New members who want to try their hand at carving are helped through a series of small projects to get them started. We might begin with a simple 3D oak leaf design to learn some of the basic techniques and then move on to a plain spoon shape or a flower to develop those early skills. Carvers then generally find their own little projects to pursue. Many club members may then ‘branch’ out to carve more intricate flower, faces, animals and yet more spoons!


Along the way we learn how to use the different shapes and sizes of carving tools for creating shape and pattern. We also learn how to keep the carving tools sharp! We normally carve in lime as this is a soft wood, will take a lot of detail and is fairly easy to carve. Small pieces of lime wood is provided free to new members to get them started. We do have larger pieces of lime wood for sale but also some is free depending on our own sources.


The club has a wide range of carving tools. We have several sets of basic tools which new members are encouraged to use but the club has invested in a wide range of tool blade shapes and sizes to hopefully accommodate members’ needs. There is assistance and guidance on hand at each club session.


The carving group is a lively bunch of people. All our carvers are mainly self-taught, and only too happy to pass on the skills they have developed over the years. Indeed many carvers are now exhibiting their work at our monthly club competitions and their work is often on display when we promote our club at external events.

The Carving group lead: Peter Branson

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